7 Stylish L Shaped Sectional Designs | Bob Mills Furniture | TX, OK (2023)

7 Stylish L Shaped Sectional Designs | Bob Mills Furniture | TX, OK (1)

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Why You Should Buy an L Shaped Sectional

Best L Shaped Sectional for Transitional Living Rooms

Best L Shaped Sectional for Casual Living Rooms

Best L Shaped Sectional for Contemporary Living Rooms

Best L Shaped Sectional for Media Rooms

Best L Shaped Sectional for Small Living Rooms

Best L Shaped Sectional for Leather Fans

Best L Shaped Sectional for Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms

Why Trust Us?

Because sofa hogs are a thing and there’s no such thing as too much room for relaxation, we can’t help but love L shaped sofas. Without a doubt, any living room with an L shaped sectional screams come in, sit down, and unwind with great company. In fact, we’re such big fans of the design that we’ve put together seven ways to use an L shaped sectional in a living room.

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Find some inspiration for your family gathering spot inside as we take a look at seven great styles ideal for living room settings, from casual to modern and everything in between!

Why You Should Buy an L Shaped Sectional

Sure, they’re super welcoming, but what else do L shaped sofas have to offer versus ordinary sofas and loveseats? Here are a few of our favorite perks.

They Take Up Less Floorspace

Most of a living room’s useable area is at the center of the space, which is where a sofa and loveseat are commonly placed. The advantage an L shaped sectional has over a sofa and loveseat set is its ability to fit into corners better than a two-piece living room set. Of course, L shaped sofas can be used in the center of the room too, but if you’re looking for a way to open your living room, placing one in the corner can help make the space look and feel larger.

They Provide Cohesion

Studies show that a cohesive living room is a healthy space for the brain since the mind has less information to process. L shaped sectionals help create unity with a continuous design free of interruptions. They also help naturally guide the eyes, so if you’re looking to create flow in the living room, an L shaped sectional is a great way to do it.

You Enjoy More Seating

We also love the continuous seating an L shaped sectional provides because it offers more room to truly sprawl out. The secret is the corner seat, which would normally be flanked by an armrest if it was a traditional sofa or loveseat. The exclusion means more room users can comfortably stretch out on.

With that said, there are a few points to consider.

  • More Expensive: Prices for L shape sectionals start at around $1,500.
  • Not Very Flexible: L shape sofa sectionals can only be used in a specific way.

Now, let’s get into the fun part — how to use an L shaped sectional in living rooms with interior design styles.

Explore Sectional Styles

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Best for Transitional Living Rooms: Corinthian Living Room Rachel Left Facing Corner Sectional

7 Stylish L Shaped Sectional Designs | Bob Mills Furniture | TX, OK (2)

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Transitional living rooms marry the best of vintage design with the laid-back feel of contemporary life, creating a blend of charm and practicality. Living rooms fashioned in transitional design are extremely versatile and work with an assortment of mediums from wood to marble to metal.

This L shape sectional from Corinthian expertly sums up transitional design with accents like the ruched armrests and accent pillows upholstered in gingham and floral patterns. The neutral tone of this L shaped sectional lends itself beautifully to living rooms designed with lighter colors, while six seats offer more than enough room for the entire family to gather around for entertainment.

Best for Casual Living Rooms: Athens Right Arm Corner Sectional

7 Stylish L Shaped Sectional Designs | Bob Mills Furniture | TX, OK (3)

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Casual living rooms are some of the simplest to design. Focus on what’s cozy, and you’ll have a space where lounging is a dream. But make no mistake — casual doesn’t have to mean careless. You can still create a living room that isn’t precious while using furniture that is stylish. Just make sure it’s easy to maintain and not so formal, and you’ve got a winning recipe for relaxation.

A good example is this L shaped sectional couch from Corinthian Furniture. With its clean fabric upholstery in a simple design, this seating arrangement is not fussy, but it can easily be paired with bold choices for a big impact. Take a seat and enjoy its overstuffed back cushions and decorative toss pillows while streaming the latest blockbuster with your loved ones.

Best for Contemporary Living Rooms: England Furniture Lucky Sectional

7 Stylish L Shaped Sectional Designs | Bob Mills Furniture | TX, OK (4)

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The color of the moment is gray, but the beauty is gray furniture will always be in style. That’s why they’re great for contemporary living rooms that call for a touch of trendy design with practicality in mind. Contemporary living rooms center around being comfortable yet knowing how to flash a little pizzazz without going overboard. L shaped sectionals are great additions to this style of living room because they center the setting, making them naturally social spaces made for being used and enjoyed.

England Furniture presents a stunning L shaped sectional for contemporary living rooms with this pick from the Lucky collection. It has many of the elements found in contemporary design, from its clean silhouette with track arms to its jumbo satin nickel nailhead accents that provide a pop of fun. This sectional easily fits six members, but the addition of the chaise means there’s room to squeeze one more in for your downtime activities.

Best for Media Rooms: Franklin™ Antonia Bison Light Gray 6 Piece Sectional

7 Stylish L Shaped Sectional Designs | Bob Mills Furniture | TX, OK (5)

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While a media room can be designed in any style, comfortable seating is essential. Whether your home has gamers, cinephiles, or avid series watchers, gathering on an L shaped sectional makes partaking in entertainment more enjoyable. Gather the best players around for a tournament-style game sesh with enough seating for everyone or pull up the family’s favorite film with a special spot for each person.

This Franklin Corporation sectional is a splurge, but its irresistible design makes it worth it. Pick your favorite seat from six different spots along its expansive layout fitted with plush seat cushions and plump back support, all upholstered in supple leather. To add to the decadence, this leather sectional also includes an independent console area with cupholders, plus built-in USB ports to charge your devices while you relax.

Best for Small Living Rooms: Fusion Furniture Vivian Chase Sofa

7 Stylish L Shaped Sectional Designs | Bob Mills Furniture | TX, OK (6)bp

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Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about those who don’t have the luxury of a large living room. The good news: even small living rooms can benefit from an L shaped sectional. In fact, the shape of one of these sofas can help save space while providing more seating than a sofa alone. If you’re dealing with space challenges, the best L shaped sectional is one that has a clean build and lighter upholstery. This helps create the illusion of a bigger space without having to actually compromise on comfort.

Need help finding a small L shaped sectional? Find inspiration in the Fusion Furniture Vivian chaise sectional. It checks all the boxes on what an L shaped sectional for a small living room should have, from its light upholstery to its tapered arms. As an added bonus, this sectional is reinforced with sinuous springs in the seating and a hardwood frame, proving small can also be mighty.

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Best for Leather Fans: Southern Motion™ After Party 7-Piece Cognac Leather Power Headrest Sectional Set

7 Stylish L Shaped Sectional Designs | Bob Mills Furniture | TX, OK (7)

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As we mentioned earlier, sectionals cost more than stationary sofas, so if you’re trying to go all-in, nothing beats leather. Sectionals upholstered in leather look good in just about any space. In modern living rooms, it adds a casual flair that softens the edge commonly felt in these types of living rooms. Leather is great for contemporary living rooms because it’s a durable material that resists heavy traffic and ages gracefully. Farmhouse, casual, and even industrial living rooms can also benefit from the cozy and smart look of a leather L shaped sectional.

For our money, we bet on this L shaped power reclining sectional from Southern Motion. The brand is widely recognized as a domestic leader in seating furniture, and this pick from the After Party collection showcases just why. For starters, it’s impeccably tailored with a tight profile wrapped in leather, although the actual upholstery can be customized to your liking. From there, you’ll enjoy add-ons like Energex Cushion foam for extra seating support, as well as the Next Level reclining mechanism that extends for an additional three inches of foot support.

Best for Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms: Classic Home Donovan Sand Sectional

7 Stylish L Shaped Sectional Designs | Bob Mills Furniture | TX, OK (8)

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At this point, it’s safe to say mid-century modern design has become a classic living room style. Highlights include neat profiles, simple designs, and wooden accents, all of which hearken back to the ‘50s to the ‘70s. You’ll get a hint of nostalgia in a mid-century modern living room, which is a great setting to snuggle up to on an L shaped sectional.

This handsomely crafted example from Classic Home is a fine demonstration of mid-century modern glory. On its own, the gray upholstery offers a clean look, but what really makes it pop are the oak wood trim and canted legs that nod to mid-century modern design. Its simplicity makes it a charm to pair with other wood materials, neutrals, or even as a soft complement to bold color choices. However you choose to design your living room with this sectional, you can count on quality with seating for up to seven.

This is all to say that if you’re searching for living room seating with room for the whole clan, then an L shaped sectional is your best bet. The important thing to remember is to measure your living room to make sure you have enough space for a sectional, as well as how you want to use one in your home. We’ve highlighted seven picks, but there are so many more options to explore at Bob Mills Furniture. Browse online or in-store today to find inspiration for your next living room makeover!

Why Trust Bob Mills Furniture?

At Bob Mills Furniture, we believe that everyone is family. Since 1971, we have delivered beautiful furniture for 50 years (and counting), with ten sprawling locations in the U.S. — from our flagship store in Oklahoma City to San Antonio in Texas to Wichita in Kansas. Our friendly staff aims to offer the greatest comfort and value, with elegant styles to match your taste, décor, and design. In addition to coziness and style, we also stock furniture and mattress brands with strong reputations and track records of durability so that you can enjoy your investment for years to come.

Shop L Shaped Sectionals at Bob Mills

Start reveling in endless comfort and shop for sectionals online for unbeatable prices at Bob Mills. Our friendly experts are always happy to help you find a comfy L shaped sectional — whether you call the Bob Mills Furniture store nearest you or use our online chat feature. Better yet, stop by one our showrooms throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas to discover why we are everyone’s favorite local furniture store. Visit us today!

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